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Debit Card

Debit Card

BTCxChange UnionPay Debit Card is the perfect alternative to Bitcoin ATMs. Instead of going to a sprecific Bitcoin ATM you can just use it at the main ATM networks (please check what ATM networks accept UnionPay cards in your region). The main benefit of the UnionPay Card is that it has high limits and does not require identification or documents.

In order to start using the BTCxChange UnionPay Debit Card:

  1. Create an Account on BTCxChange
  2. Deposit BTC to your BTCxChange wallet through Deposit > BTC
  3. Sell some BTC to have 25 USD in your balance (the cost of a card)
  4. Go to Withdrawal > UnionPay Debit Card and click on "Order Card" and enter the delivery address
  5. We will send your card shortly and will provide you with a tracking number
  6. Once you have received your card, go to Withdrawal > UnionPay Debit Card and click on "Activate Card", enter the full card number and your password
  7. Go to Withdrawal > UnionPay Debit Card and click on "+ Load" next to your card number
  8. Once you have loaded your card on BTCxChange we will begin the process of loading your card through the bank, it usually takes up to 2 hours (may be longer during night hours) and you will receive a confirmation email once the card is loaded and ready to use.


To check your card balance and latest transactions, create an account on the OmniPay website (text in Captcha images is case-sensitive)

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