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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use

By using and registering on this site, you accept the terms and conditions of use mentioned below, being required to carefully read them.

BTCxChange is a limited liability company. The service offered by BTCxChange allows the users to buy or sell currency through the Internet and the especially designed points. These revolutionary coins are known as cryptocoins (cryptocurrencies).

At the same time, the service managed by BTCxChange allows all the users registered on the site to:

•           transfer cryptocoins to other members of the site or other users outside BTCxChange;

•           use cryptocoins for acquiring goods.

There can be situations when, due to the legal framework of the county you reside in, you might not be allowed to use all the functions of this site. We are not responsible if, from various reasons, you cannot access this website. Once you agree with these terms and conditions of use, BTCxChange gives you a personal non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to access and use our site as well as our service.

If you do not accept these conditions of use stipulated in the present agreement, please do not access this site or use this service any longer.

By opening an account on this site, you justify the fact that:

  • you agree with the conditions of use;
  • you are at least 18 years old;
  • you have the full ability to accept these conditions of use with the purpose of making cryptocoin transactions.


Each goods or service transaction implies certain inherent risks. In this case, the first risk is cryptocoin volatility, its price fluctuating according to the demand and offer of bitcoin on the market. Due to these fluctuations, the value of your assets can diminish or increase at any moment. Any coin, virtual or not, can suffer larger or lower value fluctuations, existing the possibility to even become worthless.

At the same time, cryptocoin operations bear special risks, being different from official currencies, goods or products on the market.

Bitcoin is a worldwide, autonomous system, mostly non-regulated by legal or natural people. Users confer reliability to a digital, decentralized, partly anonymous system, which is based on the creation of peer-to-peer networks and on encryption. Their aim is to maintain the integrity and anonymity of the people who make transactions.

Limiting the right of use

In case it is not specified otherwise, all the items on this site are in the BTCxChange ownership and are protected by copyright, by trademarks or other applicable laws.

You have the ability to see, print and/or download a copy of these materials on the site to a single computer only for personal, informational, non-advertising use, provided that the copyrights and other ownerships are kept intact. Trademarks, service-marks, BTCxChange logos, as well as other matters of this type used on this site are in the “BTCxChange” ownership and its respective owners. The soft, texts, images, data, prices, graphics, diagrams, in video as well as audio format used on this site also belong to BTCxChange.

It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, change, republish, load, pose, transmit, part, collect or distribute the above mentioned, under any form.

Using the materials on this site on any other website or any other computer network, in any purpose, is strictly forbidden. Any such unauthorized use which breaks copyrights, trademarks or other laws can carry civil or penal sanctions.

Account Maintenance

This site is destined only for personal and commercial use.

We carefully maintain the security of our site and service. By registering on this site, you practically agree to offer BTCxChange current, up-to-date, complete and updated data about yourself. At the same time, you agree not to use any other account but your own , not to access the account of another member and not to help other people to gain unauthorized access.

Creating or using an account without previously gaining the express permission from BTCxChange, will lead to the immediate cancellation of the account, as well as all the transaction orders under way. Any attempt in this direction or the intent of helping other people (members or others), as well distributing software instructions or instruments with this purpose, will lead to the closing of the accounts of those members.

Cancellation is not the exclusive resource for such a breach of the conditions of use and BTCxChange can choose to take additional measures against you.

Moreover, you are responsible for keeping the data privacy regarding the account, including the password, but also for the cryptocoins protection and for any activity which includes transactions posted in your account. If there are any suspicious activities regarding your account, we could, but not forced, to request additional data about you (including authenticating documents) and we can freeze any transaction until revision/analysis. You are required to conform to these security notices or to accept the deleting of the account.

You are required to immediately inform BTCxChange by e-mail at  in case any unauthorized person uses the account, password or any other breach of site security.

The account of any member who breaks these standards can be deleted and the latter can be afterwards held responsible for the losses bore by BTCxChange or by any other site member.

Finally, you agree not to use this service for criminal activities of any kind, including money laundering, illegal gambling operations, financing terrorism or cybernetic attacks (and not only).

Aspects concerning the ending of the collaboration

You have the ability to terminate the present agreement with BTCxChange and to close your account at any moment, after the resolution of transactions in stand-by.

Moreover, you agree that BTCxChange can cancel your access to this site and to close your account with a simple accept, at any time and without a previous notice.

We have the right to:

  • cancel, end the service and close the members’ account;
  • restrict the access and the content of the site, services and instruments;
  • eliminate or stop the harbored content, also having the permission to take legal and technical measures in order to close the account of the members on this site if:
    • we suspect that they create problems which may lead to liability;
    • they break the third party intellectual property rights or
    • they act inconsistently to the letter and the spirit of these “terms and conditions of use”.

In addition, in certain conditions, we can cancel or close the members’ accounts, without previous notice, for any reason, but mainly for:

  • attempting to gain unauthorized access to this site or to the members’ accounts;
  • giving assistance for this fact to other people;
  • breaking the security features that refer to the limitation of use or protection of any content;
  • using this service with illegal purposes, such as money laundering, illegal financing of gambling operations or other criminal activities;
  • breaking the conditions of use, non-payment or fraudulent payment of transactions;
  • Breaking the law.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel the unconfirmed accounts or the accounts which have been inactive for a period of more than 6 months and/or to change or cancel the services, respectively this site.

Members agree with the fact that BTCxChange will not be responsible to them or to any other third party for the closing of the account or for restricting the access to this site.

The suspension of an account must not affect the commission payment of the previous transactions. After termination, the members must provide a valid bank account in order to allow the transfer of any accredited currency into their accounts.

The bitcoins can be transferred in the valid bank account only after their conversion into currency. BTCxChange will transfer the sum in the bank account as soon as possible, at the request of the members and in the period of time established by our company.

BTCxChange will send you the current bank statement. Nevertheless, in certain situations, a series of intermediaries might be involved in an international payment, and they or the receiving bank can perceive taxes/commissions. We will make reasonable efforts in order to ensure that these taxes and commissions will be brought to your notice before the actual payment, and in case this thing is not possible, (when these taxes cannot always be previously taken into account) you agree to be responsible for these taxes.


All the services are supplied without any implicit or explicit kind of warranty. We do not commit to the fact that this site will be 100% available any time for the satisfaction of your needs.

We will make efforts to supply the service in the shortest time possible, however there is no guarantee that the access will not be disturbed or that there will not be delays, errors, omissions, losses of transmitted information.

According to the “terms and conditions of use” we will make efforts to ensure that you can access the site normally. We have the ability to cancel the use of this site in case of maintenance, making sure that you receive a previous notice in this sense. However, in cases of emergency, you are agree that this thing will not be possible.

APIs and Widgets

We can offer access to third parties to the specific data through the API system (Application Programming Interface) or through widgets. Moreover, we can offer widgets you can use for your site. You are free to use them in their authentic, unchanged, unaltered state.

External sites

BTCxChange is not responsible for any site you may access through our site. The latter, can offer links or any form of reference to other websites, over which we do not have control possibility.

In such cases, you agree that BTCxChange might offer these links or other references only as opportunities for yourself. BTCxChange is not responsible nor for their availability neither their content. We advise you to analyze the privacy policies of the respective sites before using them.

Moreover, we are not responsible for the content you will find on that site, including opinions, advice, statements, assertions, prices, advertisements or other activities, you are the one who bears the risks associated/derived from their use.

It is up to you to take safety measures in order to ensure that any use of the site is free of viruses or any other destructive elements.

Financial advice

In order to avoid doubts, we specify that we cannot offer any advice regarding the services stipulated in the “terms and conditions of use”. We may offer information regarding the cryptocoin price, range, volatility or any other events which might affect bitcoin; however they are not considered advice for investigations and must not be interpreted as such. Any decision to buy or sell cryptocoins belongs to you; we are not responsible for any loss you bear.

Financial regulation

The business pattern, as well as our service, consisted of the ability to buy, sell or transact cryptocoins and their use for goods acquisition in a non-regulated international system, in which open payments are made. The services offered by us are not currently regulated by national law.

AML/KYC Policy

In order to prevent fraudulent transactions and stop money loundering and other illegal activities we have to conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) checks in order to be able to provide our services. These checks include requesting a proof of identity form all our customers in the form of a Governemnt issue Photo ID. In some cases additional documents may be requested.


The e-mails sent on the Internet are not safe, and BTCxChange is not responsible for any damage derived from their transmission. We suggest sending e-mails in an encrypted format and we invite you to send us encrypted e-mails, in PGP format. The instructions of use are available at request.


The conditions of use are governed and interpreted according to the law in force. The parties agree to enter the irrevocable jurisdiction of the law in force.

Limitation of liability

To the extent permitted by law, BTCxChange is not responsible for the prejudice/damage or the loss of profit, business, data, opportunities or other direct or indirect losses, except the case in which the loss derives from carelessness or intentional misguidance or if a fraud is committed.

None of the elements of the ones stated above excludes or limits the liability of any of the parties for fraud, decease, physical injury, caused by carelessness, breach of clauses which derive from the law or any other liability which cannot be limited or excluded by law.

Subject to the above stated, the entire liability of BTCxChange regarding the claims based on events which derive from or are related to the site or service use by any member, must not exceed in any case:

  • a) a value higher than the total amount possessed  in the account of the respective member which makes a claim, minus any value of the commission which might be owed and paid in case of such an account;
  • b) 5% of the sum of transactions object to the request, minus any value of the commissions which might be owed and paid according to such a transaction;


In the limit permitted by the law in force, you agree to compensate BTCxChange and its partners against any actions, prejudice, loss, damage, procedure or expense suffered or bore indirectly or directly, which derive from using the BTCxChange site or from the breach of the “terms and conditions of use”.


If we are not able to supply the services mentioned in the “terms and conditions of use”, from reasons irrespective from our exclusive control, in a force majeure event, law changes or changes in the sanction policy, we are not responsible towards you regarding the services supplied according to the present agreement and for a period of time which coincides with the event.

Clause alteration

BTCxChange reserves the right to change, add or eliminate certain parts from the “terms and conditions of use” in any moment. You will be informed beforehand regarding any change which might occur in terms of your account. In such a case, it is your responsibility to study the alterations brought to the “terms and conditions of use”. The forward use of the site, after the notification of these changes, leads to the acceptance of the respective alterations, and the subsequent transactions will be subject to the new alterations.


Cryptocoin – a digital peer-to-peer coin.

Buyer – a member which submits an offer in order to acquire cryptocoins through this service.

Commission – the taxes perceived by BTCxChange for every transaction, as well as for the cryptocoins purchase transaction.

Members – buyers and sellers, as well as any account owner.

Price –  the “price per coin” which the members are willing to offer in order to buy or sell cryptocoins using the transaction service. The price will be expressed in any of the currencies deposited by the members in their accounts and accepted by this service. We kindly ask you to access the list of all the types of approved currencies/coins.

Sale – the technological platform, the functioning, and market norms managed by BTCxChange which allow the buyers and sellers to perform sale/purchase transactions with bitcoins.


  • the agreement between the seller and the buyer regarding the transaction of cryptocoins through the currency service at a rate established by both parties (purchase transaction);
  • the conversion of coins into cryptocoins by the users in their account (exchange transaction);
  • cryptocoin transfer between members;
  • coin transfer between members;
  • additional product acquisition (purchase transaction).

BTCxChange cannot offer all these types of transactions in the same moment or everywhere.

Transaction price: the entire price paid by the buyer for each transaction performed through this service.


If you have doubts/questions regarding these “terms and conditions of use” in what concerns the rights and obligations which derive from them, as well as from using the site, service, your account or any other matter, please contact us at

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