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Privacy policy

Privacy policy


The undersigned BTC X Change is a limited liability company, in fact without limitation, in what concerns the owners, directors, investors, employees or other legal parties. Depending on the context, BTC X Change can also make reference to services, products, other sites or materials which are delivered by it.

BTC X Change, as well as its affiliates (which we will refer to hereinafter as the BTC X Change appellatives “we”, “ours”) commit to protecting and respecting your privacy. The privacy policy, (along with the “Terms and conditions of use”) governs the collecting, processing and use of personal data of the users.

We define “personal data” as being that data which personally identifies you. For example: name, address, e-mail address, bank details etc.

The purpose of the privacy policies is to inform you about:

  • the type of personal data which our company can collect about you, as well as the way in which they can be used;
  • the use of data regarding the IP addresses, but also the use of cookies;
  • any personal data disclosure to third parties;
  • any personal data transfer outside the European area;
  • the possibility to correct, update or erase personal data;
  • the safety measures we promote in order to prevent the loss, abuse or leak of personal data;
  • the storage of personal data.

Collecting and using personal data

There is a possibility to collect your personal data. In case you are using this site, open an account in order to use the platform or make any transaction on the platform.

The type of personal data we collect include:

  • your name;
  • your e-mail address;
  • the bank details as well as your bank account number for the withdrawal of funds;
  • your transactions(the last 30 days);

Moreover, we can use your personal data with the following purposes:

  • to personalize your experience (the data provided enables us to fulfill more efficiently the needs of our clients);
  • improving the site (based on your data and feedback offered by you, we constantly try to improve the offers and services of our site);
  • constant analysis of the site;
  • improving the services offered to our clients (data you provide also enables us to answer more efficient manner to the needs of our clients)
  • in order to successfully process a transaction. Your data, be it public or private, will not be sold, changed or handed over to other companies, regardless of the reaso, without your consent, other data than the ones used with a precise purpose, that of delivering the purchased product or the service required by the client;
  • in order to send periodical emails. The email address used for order processing; it can be used with the purpose of sending information and updates to you regarding your order. Moreover, it can be used for receiving occasional news about our company, updates, promotions about products etc.;
  • in order to manage a contest, promotions, study or for any other feature of the site.
  • in order to prevent fraudulent transactions we may, on request provide identity information to our payment processors in a strictly confidential manner

We will use your personal data only in the purposes we mention.

IP Address

We have the possibility to collect information about your computer (including where your IP address is available), about the operation system and the type of the browser which you use to manage the system. These represent the statistic data regarding the navigation actions of the users, as well as the patterns which do not identify personally the individual.


The BTC X Change site uses cookies. These are short size text files which are placed in your computer by the sites you visit. They are used on a large scale with the purpose of ensuring the functioning of sites or in order to work much more efficiently, so as to submit information to the site operators.

Cookies are usually saved on your computer hard. We use the information collected by them to evaluate the efficiency of our site, in order to analyze the trends and to operate the platform. The information collected by cookies allow us to determine various aspects, such as, information regarding the most visited part of our site and the difficulties encountered by our visitors in accessing it. Having this information, we can improve the quality of your experience on the platform and we can find a solution for the problems our users face.

We use third service contractors in order to offer assistance for a better understanding in using the site. Our service contractor will place cookies on your computer hard and will receive the information we select, thus focusing our attention on aspects such as: the way in which visitors navigate on the site, what kind of products are sought after and information regarding general transactions. Out service contractor analyzes this information and offers us aggregate reports. These are used for a better understanding of the interests of our users and enable us to comply efficiently with these needs. The information received from our service contractor can be related and combined with the information we collect from you while you are using the platform. The service contractor is restricted by contract from using the information he can acquire about our visitors.

Constantly using the BTC X Change site or any other subsequent use will be interpreted as an agreement for the cookies saved on your computer.

Personal data disclosure

We use your personal data in the purposes mentioned at the time of the procedure regarding the creation of the account, as well as for those mentioned in the “Terms and conditions of use” and/or for other purposes permitted by the law in force.

You agree that by using our services and by accepting the “Terms and conditions of use” you offer us personal data. Moreover, you accept to disclose that information which is required by law for third parties with electronic identifying purposes, as pointed out above.

The identification information of the visitors with non-personal character can be provided to other third parties with marketing, advertising or other purposes . Any third party who receives or has access to the personal data, with our agreement, must protect and use it only for fulfilling the services which they execute for you or for BTC X Change, if it is not otherwise stipulated or is permitted by law.

We assure you that any third party is aware and responsible for its obligations regarding the “Privacy policy”. In this sense, we will conclude contracts with third parties, through which they are required to respect the same conditions and the privacy policy regarding the disclosure of the personal data. We as well as the third parties, commit to respect the personal data security according to the privacy policy and/or to the directions asserted by the law in force.

Personal data transfer outside the European area

BTC X Change does not transfer personal data outside the European area.

Third Party Links

Occasionally, we have the freedom to include or to offer the products or services of a third party throughout our site. The third parties’ sites have their individual and separate privacy policy. We advise you to study all the policies, rules, terms and conditions of use, including the privacy policy for each site you access. However, we will try to protect the integrity of the site, your feedback being welcome. BTC X Change does not control the content of these third parties’ sites.

You agree with the fact that our society is not responsible or liable for third party sites (we are not responsible for their content, policies, products, services, actions, promotions, losses or problems caused by these sites).

Correction, updating and deletion of personal data

You have the right to access your personal data and request the correction, updating, blocking of incorrect or inaccurate data, by sending an e-mail at the address

BTCxChange will answer your request provided that it doesn’t come in contradiction to the “Terms and conditions of use” or to the legal and regulating obligations.


We have implemented various safety measures against theft, disclosure, abuse, loss of data which have purpose the preservation of privacy and personal data. At the same time, these measures have the purpose of maintaining the safety when you submit a request, when you place an order or when you simply access your personal data. These safety measures include:

  • encrypted data bases which protect the integrity of your information;
  • SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layered) in order to ensure that your data is fully encrypted and safely sent on the Internet;
  • PCI Scanning technology, in order to actively protect our servers against hackers or other vulnerabilities;
  • server security;
  • all personal data is sent through SSL technology, and then encrypted in our data base which can only be accessed by authorized people or people who have access right in our system and are required to keep them private.

Only the BTCxChange authorized personnel will have access to your personal data, with the requirement of treating this information with maximum confidentiality. Safety measures will be revised according the technological evolution and the law in force.

Keeping personal data

BTCxChange will use your personal data as long as necessary according to the purposes described in the “privacy policy” paragraph and in our own legal and regulating obligations. Our company will keep your personal data at least 5 years according to the registration conditions, after which it will be deleted.


The politics, content, information, promotions, privacy terms and our site’s features can be revised, changed, updated and/or supplemented anytime and without warning, at the decision of BTCxChange. If we were to change the “privacy policy”, we would take measures to inform all users, through a notice on our site and we would post the changes pertaining to it.

Definition of concepts

Personal data- information which personally identifies you, which is collected and used by BTCxChange, as it has been stipulated in the “privacy policy” and/or in another way permitted by the law.

Account - access which is granted to members according to the “Terms and conditions of use”.

Platform- set of software and hardware technologies which can be used by BTCxChange in order to deliver services, as it has been set in the “Terms and conditions of use”.


  • the agreement between the seller and the buyer in order to transact BTC through the “Currency service” at a rate agreed between both parties (BTC purchase transaction);
  • the conversion of coins into BTC by users in their account (exchange transaction);
  • BTC transfer between members;
  • coin transfer between members;
  • additional product acquisition (purchase transactions).

It might be possible that BTCxChange would not be able to offer all these types of transactions in this moment or everywhere.


If you have questions, comments, or doubts regarding our privacy policy, we kindly ask you to  contact us at the following e-mail address

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