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Bitcoin Cash hard fork

28 Jul 2017

On August 1st, an initiative known as Bitcoin Cash will separate itself from the Bitcoin blockchain through a hard fork. If you have bitcoins on August 1st, you will have an equal amount of bitcoin cash tokens on the other blockchain. The main requirement is that you own the private keys that give access to your bitcoins yourself.

The hard fork may cause some network disruption. Therefore the following measure will be taken as a precaution.

  • On July 31st 12:00 GMT all bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be temporarily suspended. 

We hope this suspension will not last more than 48 hours. In all this period your bitcoins will be safe.

We will not provide support for the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, therefore if you want to access Bitcoin Cash tokens, you should withdraw your coins to a private wallet before the above mentioned deadline.

We will keep you informed during whole of this period.

Kind regards,


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