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ICO Market launched!

27 Jun 2017

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a process by which new cryptocurrencies are entering into circulation. In the past years Bitcoin inspired many new cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain protocol. This new coins offer various advantages and improvements over bitcoin as well as original solutions to real-world problems in the social, technological and economical sectors. ICOs represent a new way to finance new and extraordinary projects. Back in 2009 when Bitcoin was launched you could buy a handful for under $0.01, however due to its underlying properties it quickly rose in value. By buying new cryptocurrencies at the time of the ICO you have the chance to contribute to their launch and development as well as the projects behind them, in return you get the chance to own the new coins at an advantageous price.


Why buy from BTCxChange?

  • Buying ICOs can be complex and time consuming. You need to use the correct software and configurations in order to successfully purchase an ICO. BTCxChange offers a simple interface through which you can purchase ICOs directly through the platform and have them safely stored in your account - no technical knowledge required. 
  • Most ICOs have a limited quantity, therefore the ICO can finish very quickly. Some ICOs have ended in less then 10 minutes, and if you set a low transaction fee or just miss the start time, you run a risk of missing out. BTCxChange solves this problem by making the purchase at the right time.
  • Each ICO has its own method of purchase and currency. We will take care of all the conversions in between, so you can buy ICOs with EUR, USD or Bitcoin
  • We will list as many ICOs as we can, so you can buy as many different ICOs as you like with just one click and diversify your risk.
  • No minimum quantities. You can buy as little as 1 unit of the ICO, allowing you to invest small amounts.


More details can be found here.

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