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How to sell

How to sell

In order to sell bitcoins on BTCxChange you must first fund your BTCxChange account with bitcoins. For this, you must be logged into your account:

  • Go to the Deposit section
  • Select Bitcoin from the left menu
  • You will receive a unique Bitcoin deposit address
  • Send your bitcoins to that address

Please note that we require 1 confirmation from the bitcoin network before making the deposited bitcoins available in your account. Once your transfer recieves 1 confirmation from the bitcoin network (usually in under 10 minutes) you can sell your BTC:

  • Go to Sell/Buy section of the site
  • Choose Instant Sale
  • In the rigth box for Sales orders enter the amount* of bitcoins you want to sell
  • Place your order

Your bitcoins have now been sold and your account was credited with fiat money. You can now withdraw the allocated sum in USD, EUR or RON or keep the money on your account for future trades.

If you want to use more advanced order types like Limit or Stop orders, please consult our FAQ pages for more details.

* Minimum sales quantity is 0.001 BTC


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