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How to buy

How to buy

In order to buy bitcoins on BTCxChange you must first fund your account with fiat (USD, EUR or RON). For this, you must be logged into your account:

  1. Go to the Deposit section of the site
  2. Select a deposit method from the menu on the left
    • Euro (EUR) - for bank transfers in Euro
    • US Dollar (USD) - for transfers in US Dollars
    • Romanian Leu (RON) - for transfers in RON
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, you can also add some notes in the Comment field
  4. Press Deposit
  5. On the next page you will receive our bank account details and your unique Deposit Code*
  6. Make the transfer including your Deposit Code in the description so we can recognize that it is your transfer

* Your Deposit Code does not change with new deposits, you can use it for future transfers without going through steps 1-6.

Once the funds arrive in our bank account, your BTCxChange account will be credited with the respective amount (minus bank charges in case you opted for the receiver to pay the charges) and you will receive an email confirmation. Now you can buy bitcoins:

  • Go to the Sell/Buy section of the site
  • In the top bar menu choose the currency pair you want to trade (BTC/EUR for EURO, BTC/RON for RON etc.)
  • Choose Instant Buy
  • Enter the amount* of fiat you want to spend
  • Place your order

* Minimum value of an order is 0.001 BTC

If you want to use more advanced order types like Limit or Stop orders, please consult our FAQ pages for more details.

You now have bitcoins in your BTCxChange WalletYou can now use them to pay for goods and services or transfer them to friends and family directly from your BTCxChange Wallet or withdraw them to another wallet. Please read our Deposits Guarantee to understand how we protect your money.

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